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Celebrate your love in an enthralling and romantic setting at Garden Grill.
Usher in the year of the Dog with good luck, health and abundant wealth with our delicious Chinese New Year spread!
Available from 11am - 2.30pm and 6pm - 9.30pm
A tropical way to end your scrumptious meal at the Garden Grill!
Specially for the young ones, a nutritious breakfast to jumpstart your day
Spend $100 and above in any of the F&B outlets and be entitled to waiver of cover charges for up to 8 guests
Enjoy value-for-money set lunch and dinner at the Garden Grill
Check out monthly beverage promotion at Atrium Cafe & Coffee Deli
Check out daily beverage promotions at the Crossroads Lounge and Club Twenty-Two
Head down to the Atrium Cafe or Coffee Deli and savour our family set of the month!