Dining & Entertainment
The band has a wide range of repertoire with key strengths in Oldies and...
Dining & Entertainment

Date: 6 March 2015, Friday

Youth & Kids
Unleash your creativity and transform the rocks into animals, people or toys
Dining & Entertainment
Party all night with all your favourite hits
Auditions at Club Twenty-Two on 14 March and 15 March 2015, Saturday and Sunday

There will be band auditions at Club Twenty-Two on the following...

Reciprocal Car Park Arrangement with Lycée Français de Singapour (French School)

The Club has recently signed a reciprocal arrangement ...

Closure of Club Twenty-Two (KTV Lounge) on Thursday, 26 March 2015

The KTV Lounge at Club Twenty-Two will be closed on ...

Revised Guest Cover Charge on DJ Nights at Club Twenty-Two

The Management, together with the F&B Sub-Committee have...

Proposer Incentive

East-West Buffet

East-West Buffet Dinner
Atrium Cafe / Coffee Deli
11 & 12 April 2015

Diving Trip