Dining & Entertainment
Featuring 4 Aussie wines paired with a 6-course dinner especially created for...
Dining & Entertainment
Enjoy social dance music and line dance music
Dining & Entertainment
Party all night with all your favourite hits
Swatow Garden Seafood Restaurant Staff Dinner & Dance

Please note that Swatow Garden Seafood Restaurant ...

Garden Grill Fully Booked for Dinner on Saturday, 18 March 2017
Garden Grill has been fully booked for ...
Lift Upgrading Work at Heliconia Wing to be Completed by Tuesday, 18 April 2017
To minimise any inconvenience caused by the lift upgrading...
Cancellation of Mondays’ Latin & Ballroom Dance Night and Line Dance Night
Due to a lack of response, Mondays’ Latin & Ballroom...

An Intimate Wedding Affair

Pyjamas Movie Night

Finding Tioman