Dining & Entertainment
Have an enjoyable evening and dance to great music by DJ Dennis Goh.
Dining & Entertainment
The band has a wide range of repertoire with key strengths in Oldies and...
Dining & Entertainment

Date: 27 March 2015, Friday

Dining & Entertainment
Enjoy a gourmet dinner paired up with the different wines from the Bordeaux...
Cancellation of Evening Programmes at Crossroads Lounge and Club Twenty-Two (Dance & Music Lounge)

As a mark of respect for the passing of Mr Lee Kuan Yew, the...

Band Audition at the Crossroads Lounge on 1 April 2015, Wednesday

Joe & Yanti will be auditioning at the Crossroads...

Cancellation of Garden Grill Sparkling Brunch

The Garden Grill Sparkling Brunch, which was scheduled for the...

Waterproofing Works to Roofs
From 26 March 2015, waterproofing works to the...

Proposer Incentive

East-West Buffet

East-West Buffet Dinner
Atrium Cafe / Coffee Deli
11 & 12 April 2015

Diving Trip